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Gay S**t – Q&A – Part 2

Hey! Welcome back to Chuwy’s Up In Smoke. This time around I had a great time collaborating with my good friends, Arend (TheGayStoner) and Cannabis Coach, for this three part Q&A series where we get reallly stoned and talk about a bunch of gay shit! The good the bad, and mostly funny! Had a great time, hope you enjoy it, and if you havent seen the other two parts head over to Arend, and Cannabis Coach’s channels to check em out!



Thank you for stopping by and watching this DOPE Smoke Sesh with us!

The Gay Stoner – https://www.theweedtube.com/User/thegaystoner/


Cannabis Coach – https://www.theweedtube.com/User/cannabis-coach/


SZY: https://www.instagram.com/Szy_music


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Comment (94)

  1. This video is tooooo gooooood!!! Can not wait for Arend’s part to be uploaded!

    Chuwy’s laugh is too contagious 😂🤙🏼😭

    We blessed af getting triple the gay content ❤️🧡💛💚💙

  2. Chuwy!! Your laugh is so contagious!! Haha really love this colab! You 3 are so real and funny together! Its insane how cruel people are in this world. I’m glad to see you all striving and loving yourselves for who you are.
    Inspiring! 💚

  3. Chuwy your laugh is seriously the best! 😂 I absolutely love how lit you get. You and your husband are like me and mine. I get super lit and he just entertains it 😂

    “Arend: you can’t say ghetto.” 😂

    Y’all are too much fun. Love the videos💚

  4. ayeee Chuwwwy’s laugh at the start was too cute <3 cant believe these 3 guys linked, my favorites off insta!

    cant believe we are blessed to get 3 different videos, more content to smoke along tooooo 🙂

  5. I’m here from Arend’s channel, but you’re so funny when you’re high 😂 you’ve earned a new subscriber! Thanks for talking about your experiences with being gay!!! I’m a lesbian, and I haven’t experienced the blatant homophobia that you guys have. I hope I won’t have to 😕 no homophobe is ever going to stop me from kissing my girl in public!!

  6. You guys are so much fun omg you just lightened up my day. Also is there a hidden community where gay people get their dogs because you and Arend have the cutest effing dogs i’ve ever seennn and i work at a dog kennel where i see every breed there is. Tell me your secrettttss LMAO

    1. Hahahah this made me laugh and I’m at the urgent Care thank you I needed this right now. Weird how things come together I’ve been meaning to get here and respond to all you beautiful souls but this made my day! Hidden community for gay dog lovers 😂 ♥️ you


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