Friday Glass Makes A Heady Star Wars Themed Dab Rig

Awwww snap! Its time for another video with The Daily Sesh!

On today’s episode we talk to Friday Glass out of Phoenix, Arizona and what got him into glassblowing. It was a ton of fun filming with Jake. He’s an awesome person to hangout with and talk to.

On this video he works on making what he calls a Poggle. These dab rigs are inspired by Star Wars, and are extremely reasonably priced! Feel free to hit him up on IG to see what he has available or even if you just have some questions to ask. He answers ALL DM’s except for the ones that say “Hi” he doesn’t know how to respond to those! Hahah.

As always we love feedback from our viewers. So if there’s anything you would like to see or even people you want us to film. Leave us a message in the comments!

IG: @Friday_Glass & @TheDailySesh_

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