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Fireside Chat with Google Stoner – The Ambitious Stoner Intro

“So, in representing companies in million dollar deals, I have to have my shit together… And Cannabis has not hindered me, if anything it helped me focus in the night before on whatever I was reading or what I was watching and it gave me just a little bit more endurance, mental endurance, as far as what information I needed to consume to be effective in my next day at work…”

The Ambitious Stoner is the Founder of 2 Companies and has built dozens of technology companies including Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

In addition to contributing to the development of the tech industry, this ambitious stoner is passionate about empowering the Weedtube Community. He happily serves as a partner in multiple cannabis-focused brands and on the board of advisors for 3 major technology companies.

He has been searching for the right community to share this information with and through the encouragement of Koala Puffss (find her here), he found a home here.

The Ambitious Stoner is a highly sought after public speaker, a celebrated author, as well as a prolific angel investor, deploying over 3 million dollars in the US Tech Industry.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_ambitious_stoner/

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  1. I completely resonate with the idea of being “born with anxiety” my mom was also sixteen, although a completely different setting. I loved hearing you both open up about how much weed has helped you in life and just to be more ambitious. I completely agree with so much of this and I’m really happy to be a new subscriber!


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