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HUUUUGE thanks to @Zen.Noho for donating all these edibles and making this video happen!
What do you guys think of my drawings? haha
Thanks for hanging out!

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  1. all your drawings are 10/10.
    thirty seconds is never enough time to make something anyways lol

    good on ya for trying to make it through all those edibles, the most i’ve done is 210 mg and i was passing out.

  2. Hilarious!!!!! The funniest thing ever… now you have to do another one you and Mac split the 1000mgs and play the same game.. i was suppose to be relaxing in the bath after a long day. Instead I get to end it in the most positive mood ever….lmfao!!! You guys are fucking too much!!! I love ❀️ it please don’t ever stop!


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