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Dispensary Haul & Smoke Sesh! The long lost Part 2 of the Mukbang featuring @_chemicals_ *kinda*

hey sorry everyone, i’ve been dealing with a lot recently with my instagram constantly getting deleted for no reason *please follow the new one listed below* and having issues with saving and editing this video but shes finally here.I plan for 2019 to upload more I swear!
-Thank for being in my video Sarah!
Sarah’s Instagram


Thank you so much for watching, please like, comment, subscribe so you can see all my future uploads as soon as I release them! Thank you to Micah Souza for making me some amazing art for my channel and logo. Check him out on instagram at @artofmicahsouza.

Thank you to my friend Paul for making me an intro song and lending me background music for this video and the outro is just the background music slowed down, so there’s that.

Tell me who you want me to make a video with leave a comment and I’ll get to work on that preferably people in the LA/Southern California area so it’s more possible to meet with them!

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*My original instagram has been deleted for no reason, please follow this one and tell your friends to until I can find out if i’ll get my old one back sadly i’m not sure if I will.*

Snapchat : Twogayyyyyyy
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Thank you so much for watching, till next time smoke a lotta weed and kiss a lotta cats

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