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Chuwy’s Up In Smoke – Birdbox Challenge – STONED EDITION!

Hey! Happy fukn’ 2019 everyone!

Welcome back to another episode of Chuwy’s Up In Smoke. Come join me and my partner while we kick off the New Year with a new video!. The internet has been raving about Birdbox on Netflix with Sandra Bullock lately, and after watching that crazy a** s**t, I got inspired to do a little challenge of my own.

So, the big question is, “Are you ready to be a stoner when the apocalypse comes?” Well, we better practice rolling up our joints with a fuckn’ blindfold on y’all, cause you know Chuwy’s gonna wanna get lit af when he hears some monsters creepin’ out his door! LOL

Hope you enjoy!

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Smoking on some Starburst that I got from redeeming a great deal with them. Take a look around their site/app to see if there are any great deals in your area!


SZY: https://www.instagram.com/Szy_music


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