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Chocolate Crinkle Cookie and Chocolate Chip Cookie from Bad Bees

Hey Everybody!  We’ve got our second and third product from Bad Bees today!  You may remember last week we checked out the 100mg Maple Nut Cake infused with dry sift hash.  This week we look at a pair of cookies; Chocolate Crinkle Cookie and a Chocolate Chip Cookie.  Both of theses treats come in at 50mg for a total of 100mg!

Let’s talk Crinkle Cookie first…. this thing is a work of art!  I know the non-infused version as a brownie cookie but this Crinkle Cookie is next level!  Super soft and moist and with a deep rich chocolate flavour that will leave you wanting more.  This is one of those infused cookies that you wish came with a sleeve of regular ones for when the munchies hit.  

The chocolate chip cookie was also good!!  The appearance was a little more pedestrian than the crinkle cookie but it was still pretty tasty!  Both of these cookies were infused with that awesome Bad Bees dry sift hash and I didn’t detect any cannabis smell or flavour.

Effects wise… I was very happy!  A nice full bodied experienced that lends itself well to a relaxed day.  I’d think one of these on their own would still allow for a good amount of productivity and two is where you start to stop and smell the roses.

For more information on either of these fantastic cookies you can connect with Bad Bees through their IG page:  IG @bad.bees

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