Why I Smoke Weed

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Weekend Wake and Bake!

Wassup y’all! JL16420 here coming at you with a wake and bake. In this weeks weekend edition, we are smoking on some Chicago Blue Dream and Lemon Skunk while we listen to the classic tunes of Los Santos Radio from GTA V. Hitting on my Roor bong, Medic, and filled the ice catch with a […]
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Batbabbles Ep.3: Living with Anxiety

Holy smokes, I don’t have something funny to upload for the first time! Yeah….anxiety sucks, ya’ll. But let me be clear. This video is meant to inspire and empower, not be a downer. This is a video about how anxiety affects me and how cannabis has helped me find relief from it. I put it […]

Yocan Evolve plus XL review

Achieve massive tokes with the Yocan plus evolve XL Review with SHaft n Shey. This quad coil vaporizer comes with everything u need to get dabbin! Just add yiour favourite concentrate. So far so good with our yocan. Insta/weedtube: ShaftnShey Please subscribe for more cannavids