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Vlogmas 16

Hay love bugs i hope enjoy my channel. Instagram: baby hxze Wattpad: baby hxze Music all right go to owner: Drift by Filmora Second Song : Peter Pan by Svgar

Stoner New Years: 2019 Goals Pt2

Hello My SunFlower 🌻 Budz!!! Here is Part Two to my 2019 goals if you haven’t seen part one what are ya doing?! Haha go watch it! Disclaimer: All cannabis consumed in this video is 100% legal and for medical use only, all music used during this video is from pandora and all artists official [...]
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VaporBrothers!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! UNBOXING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check Them Out At VaporBrothers.com Thank You!! VaporBrothers For This Absolutely Amazing Christmas Present!!!!! Social Media: IG @hansolotokr Help Support The Channel on Paypal paypal.me/HansoloToker My Affiliate Links Farm To Vape: https://www.farmtovape.com/?AffId=24 VaporBrothers Vaporizer My Daily Driver https://www.vaporbrothers.com/ In The 5th Degree Prohibited Dry Herb/Wax A Incredible Wax Pen!! https://www.v2profit.com/16941-124.html True Terpenes https://buy-terpenes.com/ref/hansolotoker/ Oil Slick [...]

Pipes Pros and Cons

Please subscribe and show The High Club some love! ❤️Join us in this smoking sesh! We‘re talking about the different types of pipes, their pros and cons, likes and dislikes and future content! You can now find Cannanetwork as @DALEFUEGO.PR on IG! Cannabis as @_CANNABISDOLLPR *Comment down below what’s your go to pipe!*

Stoner New Years: 2019 Goals Pt1

Helloooooo My Beautiful Wonderful SunFlower Budz!!! Welcome back everyone! Just a quick heads up my computer cut me off so i have to make part two tonight! So sorry for the abrupt end to this video! I know its been a hot minute since normal content dont worry though we’ve got this video and another [...]