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OUR LATEST TRIP!! *Extreme cringe*

Hey guys!! First video ever!! I think you can tell lol but this is our channel!! We’re jctriipss !! Hope you like us, this is just the beginnin. Hopefullywe made you smile cause of the mega cringe we are 🥴 but join us on our next “trips” 😏🥴

Waxing My Underarms While I’m Stoned

Hey Everyone! WATCH UNTIL THE END!! I had so much fun making this video, I hope you laughed and found this video funny! (Becuase I sure did lol) Like this video, if you enjoyed it! Comment down below your favorite part! & Subscribe to my channel for more! Thanks For Watching!!

Introducing LilyGrey420!

Hey guys! I’m super excited to finally put myself out here. I’ve wanted to make videos for a long time but I’ve always been scared for the negative feedback. I feel that WeedTube is the perfect platform for us stoners to watch like minded people in their daily lives. I will upload lots more smoking […]