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The Pac Shack ! 18+!!Support me on Patreon!! : : :…Soundcloud : (For my music played in videos) Business Inquires : [email protected] Hope you enjoyed todays video! More to come Hope you all have an amazing day!Stay high#weed #cannabis #marijuana #cannabiscommunity #thc #wedtuber #bongrips #bong #420 #ganja #stoner #cannabisculture
The Hotbox Show Ep76 Ft Ricky Stone-1280×720-TwT

The Hotbox Show Ep76 Ft Ricky Stone

It is Human Rights Day in South Africa. A day to remind ourselves that if you don’t look after your Rights, you’ll lose them! The International Centre on Human Rights & Drugs Policy has just released a new guidance document, and our guest on the couch tonight, lawyer, Ricky Stone contributed to this groundbreaking publication. [...]

Issa wake and bake

Yooo wassup guys! JL16420 here bringing y’all a laid back wake and bake! Today we idly discuss plans for this years upcoming 4/20! So kick back, relax, grab a bowl and take a hit with me this quiet chill morning! As always guys. Stay Toasty, Stay High. Let me know what your 4/20 plans are [...]

Chuwy's – Pulsar APX Vape Review

Hey what’s up y’all Chuwy’s fkn back, and I’m back with my first ever product review on a Pulsar Vape. So sit backgrab a joint, bong, or if you already have a APX Vape, load the chamber up and let’s get lit!Drop a comment below and let me know if you’ve ever had a dry [...]

Wake and Bake with the Smol Boi!

Yoo wassup guys! JL16420 here bringin y’all a chilled out wake and bake! Today we just ramble on about what’s in store for the future and some events on this past week. So grab a bowl, grab your favorite strain, and smoke along with me this morning! As always guys. Stay Toasty, Stay High IG: [...]
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I Went 72 Hours Without Weed

What’s up Weedtube! Today I took a 72 hour tolerance break and vlogged the experience, it sucked. Enjoy! Follow Me!Instagram: