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Smoke, Snack 'n SaturDaze

A T L E A S T once a week, I get together with Alyssa & Eryk (The Saturdazzeeeee) to cook up some fire ass dinner and essentially just enjoy each others presence! This week we cooked up some burgers & fries for my friend Alex who was visiting from FL. We spent the entire [...]
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Weed N' Weight Loss || The Pilot

Qveen Cannabis is NEVER going to give up on her weight loss dreams! Are you down to demolish this weight loss journey together? Check out Adrian Bryant on YouTube to choose your workouts for the week! **Don’t forget to drop your social media, website, links, etc. in the comment section, so that Qveen Cannabis can [...]

Marijuana 101: How to Roll a Blunt!

In this week’s installment of Marijuana 101, we show you how to roll a blunt out of a Swisher Sweet Cigarillo. What do you want us to show you in the next video? We’re thinking about doing a backwood tutorial! With the help of this guide and a little bit of practice you’ll be able [...]