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Saturday Wake n Bake: Jelly Doughnuts

Hi there ! Welcome back my Sunflower Budz!! 🌻 Welcome to my Saturday Wake n bake !!! Karaoke,Weed,Cats,Doughnuts, And more!!!!! Follow Me: Snap: Unicorn_Farts2 Insta: Sunflower_Haze_ WeedTube: SunflowerDream/Avery Disclaimer:All cannabis consumed in this video is 100% legal for medical purposes only, All music in this video is used from the Artist’s Official channels!
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Online Canaadian Dispensary Budbox!!!!!!!! Unboxing!!!!!!!!

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420 With Friends: Tarot Reading Pt2

Hello There My SunFlower🌻Budz!!! Here is part two to the Psychic reading video i upload yesterday go check it out or else you’ll have no idea whats happening. Much love!!! Follow Me!!! Snap: Unicorn_Farts2 insta: Sunflower_Haze_ WeedTube: Avery / or/ SunflowerDream Disclaimer : All Cannabis Consumed in this video is 100% Legal for medical and […]

420 W/ Friends: Tarot Reading!! Pt.1

Hello You Beautiful SunFlower Budz!! Hey everybody soooo this Video is In two parts becauseof a mishap half way through watch both parts to find out what happened ! This was a fun one to make and I love doing readings for other people! Follow Me: Snap: Unicorn_Farts2 Insta: Sunflower_Haze_ Disclaimer: All cannabis consumed in […]

420 Fun W/ Friends: Conspiracies

Hey There My SunFlower Budz! 🌻 Conspiracies, Weed, and Friends! Today’s Video is a fun one I made with my friend I hope y’all enjoy it’s super funny and interesting topics. Snap: Unicorn_Farts2 Insta: Sunflower_Haze_ YouTube: Avery A