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Different Types of Stoners

Get blazed with me as I make my list of ELEVEN types of stoners. Maybe you can list more. Spoiler: I’m pretty fried by the end of the video. Watch. Blaze Along. SUBSCRIBE. Follow me on instagram:

Dealing With Parents as a Stoner

Recently I saw a new weedtuber named TheHippesCorner (yeah, there’s no 2nd “i” btw) make a video about her experience with parents and weed. I’ve seen a lot of stoner videos about this topic and decided to create my own version while taking some nice dabs of Lost Coast OG shatter! Songs of the sesh: […]

Clothing haul disaster // wtf did i order?

High everyone! I ordered some clothes from ROMWE and omg was it a disaster. Like nothing is flattering what so ever! So i figured Id film a try on haul so you guys can laugh at these hideous outfits! There were a few pieces that i did love! Instagram @janelle_uncensored Snapchat @jc_uncensored ETSY The Uncensored […]
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