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Welcome to The Gaming Stoner

Hey guys this is my channel where I will blabber on about the new zombies maps and storyline of the whole block ops series ! Sorry for for horrible video quality I’m just working with my phone for now. Please like and subscribe! Keep it Stoney!
Gabriel Cote

Dabbing and Rambling! First video on TheWeedTube!

Heya heya how’s it going? JayL16420 here, bringing you good vibes, wide smiles, and thick clouds. I’m getting my bearings straight and trying out TWT since I fear youtube will definitely delete my channel if I decided to use it again. Dabbing on some Kosher Kush wax and enjoying the high! IG- JayLeon16
gta pnp

Plug n Play: GTA V – Hotring Nascar

Since I havent played GTA V in a while i decided to participate in what i later learned was races i had already done but decided to try again for a better outcome. As usual, however, the online for GTA V then made me the host when my connection wasnt so good, which in turn […]

Lets 100% Captive

In this video we play Captive, a rpg style horror game where you have to escape a building in under 30 minutes or you die. It takes about 3 runs to get all the achievs. 3 require you to restart the game over, I’m not including Game Over achiev as it doesn’t require you to […]

Yocan Evolve plus XL review

Achieve massive tokes with the Yocan plus evolve XL Review with SHaft n Shey. This quad coil vaporizer comes with everything u need to get dabbin! Just add yiour favourite concentrate. So far so good with our yocan. Insta/weedtube: ShaftnShey Please subscribe for more cannavids