Cooking w/ Cannabis

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Cooking with Cannabis!

Hey ya’ll! today’s video is all about cooking with cannabis, i wanted to try out firecracker crackers/cookies that i saw on Hightimes.I hope everyone enjoys this short,funny and fun video i did with my best friend. PLEASE LIKE, COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL. Like always, if you have any suggestions on what other videos […]

Cannabis Edibles! Summer Salad//THE ANTIDOTE -[Ep. 14]

Learn to make cannabis edibles with Keena! On today’s episode, I made a Spinach Summer Salad! CANNABIS COOKING 101: COOKBOOK COOKING TOOLS CANNABIS MERCHANDISE FULL RECIPE: FOLLOW ME HERE: Website: Facebook: Instagram: FOLLOW THE ANTIDOTE HERE: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: My PO BOX is listed […]

Different Types of Stoners

Get blazed with me as I make my list of ELEVEN types of stoners. Maybe you can list more. Spoiler: I’m pretty fried by the end of the video. Watch. Blaze Along. SUBSCRIBE. Follow me on instagram:

Dealing With Parents as a Stoner

Recently I saw a new weedtuber named TheHippesCorner (yeah, there’s no 2nd “i” btw) make a video about her experience with parents and weed. I’ve seen a lot of stoner videos about this topic and decided to create my own version while taking some nice dabs of Lost Coast OG shatter! Songs of the sesh: […]

COME SESH & MEET FANNYPACK7! (Inc. Skydiving, Cannabis Cup Live Lil Wayne Clips, Hobbies, Travel Vids, Pics & More!)

New on The Weed Tube! [Instagram: fannypack_7] Please Subscribe! More content coming! -COME SESH WHILE LEARNING ABOUT FANNYPACK7 AKA SKY HIGH HONDURAN! You will literally learn sooo much about me!!! (By the way quality isn't the greatest since I recorded on my Laptop instead of Phone! & used some older pictures..) "Used to be a Shy Girl, Now I know it’s my World” -Me [2018 Mood] Leave me a comment if you have any ideas of future videos you would like to see! Come find me on Social Media! -Instagram: @fannypack_7 -Snapchat: @fannypack_7 -YouTube: @fannypack7
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