Cooking w/ Cannabis

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In this video i get super high and make a yummy bacon, eggs,and potato breakfast!! Enjoy <3 Intended for legal cannabis patients and adults Legally smoking cannabis recreationally in Massachusetts! DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT CONDONE ANY DANGEROUS OR RISKY BEHAVIOR MENTIONED IN MY VIDEOS. I AM JUST SPEAKING FROM MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCES. FOLLOW MY SOCIAL […]
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Cannabis Edibles!// Will THE ANTIDOTE Return?!

Keena is asking for your help to fund the show! Please consider even making a small donation. DONATE One Time: Monthly: CANNABIS COOKING 101: COOKBOOK COOKING TOOLS CANNABIS MERCHANDISE FULL RECIPE: FOLLOW ME HERE: Website: Facebook: Instagram: FOLLOW THE ANTIDOTE HERE: Instagram: Facebook: […]

Daisia’s Flavorful Fruits | Redd Room

(We don’t own nor claim any rights to the music at play due to the radio) Hey Redd Room!! We Visit Daisia Flavorful Fruits. DFF was at a pop up shop for Hustlers in Heels. We enjoy tasty dessert treats made by Daisia herself. Be sure to follow Daisia Flavorful Fruits as well […]
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Getting Baked with Jess and Kelly

The ladies of IMDweed decided to cook up some fun stuff in the kitchen for the holidays. Jess and Kelly made some magical eggnog — which is weed and alcoholic eggnog! Try making it yourself and make your holidays a lot like HIGHlidays. 😉 Be sure to like and subscribe if you wanna see more […]