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420 W/ Friends: Tarot Reading!! Pt.1

Hello You Beautiful SunFlower Budz!! Hey everybody soooo this Video is In two parts becauseof a mishap half way through watch both parts to find out what happened ! This was a fun one to make and I love doing readings for other people! Follow Me: Snap: Unicorn_Farts2 Insta: Sunflower_Haze_ Disclaimer: All cannabis consumed in […]

Chill 420 Monday’s: Rants, Cats , Karaoke

Helllllloooo My SunFlower Budz!!! 🌻 If you like cats, karaoke , rants ,weed, and more check out this chill 420 Monday video and smoke with me! Disclaimer:All cannabis used in this video is 100% legal Songs used are: So young-Portugal the Man Cane Shuga- Glass Animals All Things lost- Ms Mr Wrong Victory- Ms Mr […]
GRWM + CBD Tea Still

GRWM + CBD Chamomile tea

Thank you joining along! Since I don’t make up that often let’s consider this a “simple” GRWM. Enjoying some bud in an elephant pipe, I make CBD Chamomile tea with Baby Hooter’s CBD unflavored drink mix, and do my make up. Using CBD when I’m feeling anxious, being a new Weedtuber, I’m excited to film […]

Saturday Wake n Bake : Burger King

Hi Hi Hey Hello My Sunflower Budz!🌻! Just A fun morning video for y’all. That includes but not limited to sing along, great music,weed, burger king Non spons I just live close to one, me etc. Disclaimer: All cannabis and Burger King consumed in this video are 100 % legal. All music used in this […]

420 Fun W/ Friends: Conspiracies

Hey There My SunFlower Budz! 🌻 Conspiracies, Weed, and Friends! Today’s Video is a fun one I made with my friend I hope y’all enjoy it’s super funny and interesting topics. Snap: Unicorn_Farts2 Insta: Sunflower_Haze_ YouTube: Avery A

420 * Gravity Falls* Sesh

HELLOOOOO My SunFlower Budz! 🌻 I had fun making this video I know it’s late I apologize I hope y’all understand my reasons for not uploading. So I fucking love gravity falls and I wanted to go over the main characters and rate them! Insta: Sunflower_Haze_ Snap: Unicorn_Farts2 YouTube: Avery A

How CBD Helps My Bi-Polar Disorder

Welcome back to Day 9 of VLOGMAS! I went on a 3 day cbd journey and filmed my thoughts on how vaping cbd made me feel and how it helped my mood swings! Thanks for watching and I really hope this information helps someone out there! Please subscribe to my channel and Happy Holidays!