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OCS Review Weed Unboxing #4 San Rafael ’71 Tangerine Dream, Solei Balance & Tokyo Smoke Ease CBD BUD

OCS Unboxing Weed Review. San Rafael ’71 Tangerine Dream, Solei Balance Harmoniser & Tokyo Smoke Ease. CBD BUD! OCS Weed Review Below:) Taste Test: 0:55 San Rafael ’71’s Tangerine Dream., Sativa Dominant. Deep purple buds. Its strong citrus aroma is created by a diverse terpene profile highlighted by Myrcene, which is also found in lemon [...]


This lucky bitch got to go to Indo Expo for the first time last month and I’m gonna take you through a little mini haul of some of the goodies! Come smoke and discover new CBD products with me! 1. littlehempflowercompany 2. hopext.com 3. tryenflower.com 4. sparklingcbd.com Instagram: www.instagram.com/canna.blissful Twitter: www.twitter.com/cannablissful
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Vaping CBD

WE LOVE CBD, which is why we wanted to share a few awesome benefits of vaping CBD and hook you all up with what to ask for when determining if your CBD is Clean. One of our favorite ways to use CBD (Cannabidiol) is vaping so we want everyone curious about trying CBD to know [...]

Epilepsy: My Ups & Downs

What I've been through, since before my first brain surgery until now and how I've triumphed and been at my low points. Just because sometimes epilepsy gets you down sometimes doesn't mean life has to put you down 24/7, life can be beautiful and great. 2019: In less then one week I will be having brain surgery yet again to help me hopefully rid my body of having seizures or hopefully have less of them a month. (Cross my fingers.) To help me lessen my seizures I use medical marijuana and it does lessen my seizures, excessive migraines and depression to an extent and I am so grateful to the state of NJ.


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Hippie Naturals Tm Inc. Hemp Clips

A beautiful display of our high quality hemp Clips! Made with natural materials like genuine moose leather, hemp cord, and of course crystals! Perfect for joints and a wonderful party piece! Get your Hippie Naturals Tm Inc. Hemp Clip today exclusively on Instagram highlights now!