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1 Year of TheWeedTube

TheWeedTube CEO Reflects on 1 Year of TheWeedTube I feel like the standard thing to do when reflecting on the past year is to talk about how long it felt. Some would say it “went by in a flash”. Others might say it “drug on and on and on”. For me, I can say it [...]

And the Logo Winner Is…

TheWeedTube would like to thank every single one of you for voting to pick the winning design for our new secondary logo! We’re so glad we had you guys to help us choose – it would have been impossible for us to make a decision. Here are what the stats looked like: We would like [...]

TheWeedtube Logo Contest Winner (You Decide)

Here at TheWeedTube, we pride ourselves on being a community-built platform. When we decided we needed a secondary logo, we thought it to be the perfect opportunity to involve the most important part of our operation: our community. Now that the contest is complete, we know that was the best idea we’ve had yet! Since [...]

TheWeedtube Logo Contest

Recently we here at have been talking with a few awesome brands about having some TWT Merch made. The only problem is… our logo. We love our main logo (shown below) and that logo will follow us forever. Onto the app and the new site, and across most of our social media. That logo [...]

5 Great DIY Valentines Gifts for Stoners

If your Valentine is a stoner and you need some gift ideas then you are in the right place! Now, these gift ideas are DIY, but don’t worry they are also easy. So let’s get started with these perfect DIY Stoner Valentine Gift Ideas   1. “Flowers” and Chocolates Chocolates and flowers are a Valentine’s [...]

GoStoners Top 5 Bands You Should be Listening To

For those who know me, know I am obsessed with music, but not what gets fed to you over the mainstream airwaves. So when people ask me what I am listening too or who are my favorite bands, most people have no clue who I am talking about, even those these acts fill sell out [...]

Updates to TheWeedtube (For Real This Time)

TheWeedtube is back with some great updates, and actually great this time! As you may remember, in our last issue we had a list of great updates we promised… and did not entirely deliver on. This was for a number of reasons, well not entirely, we just hired a not so good developer that didn’t [...]

Why Glass Quality in Your Bong Matters

Glass tends to break easier than expected whether it’s due to a smash, crack, fall, or even a microfracture— it’s always tragic to see newer pieces gone too soon. How is it though that some water pipes can’t endure much wear and tear, yet others make it to see longer days? There are a couple [...]