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Wake and Bake: Let's Smoke!

Yooo wassup y’all! JL16420 here bringin y’all another wake and bake! Today, we take a nice little goober dab of some Ghost Train Haze and talk about current plans for the day! I’ve been ruminating on video ideas lately, mostly about smoke shop visits, little small videos of me out and about in the city. […]

Wake and Bake: Chill Edition!

Yoo wassup y’all! JL16420 here bringing y’all a wake and bake! Today we discuss plans for future plans, smoke a couple of healthy bowls, and talk about the nostalgia of smoking flower. So grab your favorite pieces, your favorite strain, and smoke along with me this beautiful morning! As always guys. Stay Toasty, Stay High […]

Investing in TheWeedTube

Hello there WeedTubers and viewers! CEO and Co-Founder Arend Richard here. Before we jump into what this article is all about I wanted to take a second to thank everyone who has created, shared, or even just watched videos on This journey has been one of the most difficult yet rewarding things I and […]

The Future of TheWeedtube

It’s been 8 months since first launched. If you went on the site that day, you’ll remember one thing…. Buffering. We are proud to say that we’ve come quite a long way since that first launch. TheWeedTube now has a mobile friendly site that you can browse with any smartphone released after 2014. We […]

5 Deleted YouTube Channels Thriving on TheWeedTube

In late February of 2018 YouTube deleted over 100 cannabis related channels in what would later be referred to as the “Cannabis Purge”. A group of those deleted YouTubers got together and formed; the first ever cannabis friendly video content platform that not only allows cannabis content but also pays the creators through ad […]

Prohibited Vaporizer Herb Cartridge OFFICIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! REVIEW!!!!!!!!!! Part 1 of 2

Buy It Here: Social Media: IG @hansolotokr Youtube Hansolo Toker Help Support The Channel on Paypal Help Support the Channel on Patreon My Affiliate Links the grinder i use Slug Life Grinder 4pcs Grinder For $25 The Asus Labtop that i use: The iPad i use Farm To Vape: […]