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Who doesn’t love a good hotbox? Had a little fun here with 3 joints and a small rig
What should I hotbox next???

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  1. Round one: “I love cats”… That’s a lie. You’re a dog personπŸ˜‚
    Round two:”I absolutely can’t stand the taste of pineapple”… Lie, you love pineapple.”
    Round three:”I’m in contact with all of my exes”… That’s a lie ???
    Round four: “My favorite drink of choice is unsweetened ice tea”… I’m guessing that’s a lie cause you love candy.
    Annnd sweaty mustache lol

  2. I’ve been following you for a while now and I just want to say I fucking love you girl. I feel we are so alike in personality and I hope to meet you one day. You shine and are so beautiful inside and out and I absolutely adore you. Positive vibes! XOXO

  3. Idk what it is about you, but you seriously brighten my day. Your energy and cheery attitude really make me feel like that after I watch you, weather its here on twt or on instagram. I seriously wish I were friends with you guys! And you always make me want to blaze. .. even if I’m already lit beyond function. Thanks for doing what you do….. now I gotta go smoke.

    Sweaty mustache.

  4. I love you and your content so much! You really are incredible, and you have helped me start to learn its alright to be myself and like what I like. Not very many of my friends are stoners like me, so i didn’t know about the weed community up until a few months back! You, and Mac, and Arend, and Joya, and so many others have taught me to embrace my love for cannabis!

  5. Your positivity is just amazing, I absolutely love your energy! I think you should do a Hawaiian hotbox, do you guys call it that? Where you turn the shower on and smoke some amazeballs.. yah that’d be cool to see as a collab or something 😁 have a great day koala! See you at the livestream! 🀘🏼

  6. Sweaty mustache looks good on you girl! Love your car! It’s super cute. What kind of car is that? And I’m pretty sure I knew the lie to all three of those 2 truths and a lie πŸ€—. Your one cool chick that I would love to meet someday!


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