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Hey buds! Welcome to another video! I hope you are enjoying all the new content! In this video I played a little mario kart and took some bong rips. I am not great at gaming but i always enjoy nintendo64. Anyways. I hope you enjoy this video and I will see you again on here in a couple days!

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  1. I always love to play n64 with my boy when we smoke and I always grab the first controller so I can play the yoshiiii xD Nice video btw, I watched you ever since you and Joya startet 2g1b and I am soo glad for the weedtube now πŸ’Ÿ

  2. Mac holy shit dude, this sesh brought back so much nostalgia of smoking and playing old nintendo with my pals. I, in every version of MK, will always have to go with Donkey Kong 😎
    We also used to get together and play old Super Smash Bros. The Donkey Kong stages were always my favorite lol.


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