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Are Mario, Supreme, and Exotic Cartridges Safe?

These cartridges look like convenient store blunt wraps the way they are packaged. There is no proof of lab results on the packaging as well. I haven’t tried these but I have been seeing negative comments (more than Brass Knuckles) about them for the past few months and I am definitely concerned with what high school students are smoking today. The fact that these are discreet, abundant, and cheap makes it all the more appealing and I really hope there isn’t anything harmful in these. If you are smoking these just be wary.

I would never smoke these.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the video, but not all have pesticide, if you go getting that very cheap stuff, just know its coming from China.. Well just thought id let y’all know i got some dope dope you can check my ig page george_owens45 or navgate to my webpage calisbestdank.com

  2. They’re pesticide garbage pail bunk that people are sticking in these carts. SOmeone did lab testing on most of the ones you’re talking about and none of em pass BASIC pesticide testing.

  3. ANYTIME i’ve seen those packages I avoid them like the plague. It looks flashy and cool but Supreme?, Nintendo?. They’re not endorsing that. If they did trust it would make huge news, and even then, who’s to say they’re shit would be on point organically?.

    I stick with proven brands that I know are safe, often because the people I get it from are very anal about making sure shit is clean. Good informative vid dude. Keep it up.

  4. Very helpful and insiteful thank you. You should also check out the homegirl younglitmama420 on the weedtube and Instagram she’s got a lot of good content and could use some really good advice and ur stuff if very well out together so plz check her out and give some pointers thanx!!

  5. LOVE moxxy carts the only thing that i don’t like about moxxy brand is that their terpenes are food grade based and not cannabis-based. also- even large companies like brass monkey aren’t the best quality carts. check out @cleanmedz on instagram. their page talks a lot about pesticides in THC cartridges. Live Resin carts ftw


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