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How To Make Cannabis Tincture – Stoney by Zamnesia

A tincture is simply a cannabis concentrate, the plant is soaked in alcohol. That extracts the cannabinoids. Here are the ingredients you need to make the tincture (50ml): • Grain alcohol with an alcohol percentage of 90% (or the strongest alcohol you have available) • Cannabis: 3-4g buds, 8-10g leaves, 0.5-1g hashish, or 5g cutting […]

How To Use The Smart Start

In this video we’re gonna show you how to use the Smart Start with the Propagator Pro. This makes it a lot easier to make sure all of your seeds will open. Just a few simple steps and some patience.

5 Ways To Take CBD

Because of its therapeutic properties, CBD is becoming increasingly widely accepted. This ensures that consumers want to try CBD products. This is to experience the benefits of this non-psychoactive ingredient. But which products are most effective? We give an overview of the 5 best CBD products currently on the market. Cannabinoids are among the driving […]

How To Make Cannabis Tea

MAKING TEA WITH CANNABIS The process for making effective medical marijuana tea requires preparation. THC can be extracted by boiling cannabis bud. However, adding alcohol, butter, oil or milk in the water is required, as THC is not water soluble, but can bind to fats and oil. These substances help dissolve the THC into your […]
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