HELLO GUYS!!! Welcome to my WeedTube Channel the content uploaded here is intended for cannabis patients and adults 21+ Before I get started here I want to say add my Instagram and Snapchat. My Instagram is yung_lungz and my Snapchat is blackjack277. Now since we got that out of the way let me introduce myself. My name is Yung Lungz but my real name is Jack I'm a MMP in the state of New Jersey. And here on this channel I create daily vlogs, skits, and smoking videos. You will see a lot of my friends in many of my videos here on my Channel. I mostly focus on cannabis related videos and vlogs more than most of the content I create but at times i like to switch it up. I have alway's enjoyed filming I just do it for fun I love to capture anything and everything i can on vlog for you guy's. But when it comes to smoking.I STAY UP IN SPACE BECAUSE THE EARTH MAKES MY MIND RACE! I use Cannabis because i suffer from anxiety, depression, and insomnia! I find that cannabis does help with those specific ailments. Anyway, If you are new to the channel welcome I hope you enjoy my content and I hope it makes you laugh and I really hope it puts a smile on your face! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to keep up with my crazy life. WELCOME TO THE SQUAD BTW!!!!!!!! As alway's Stay High, Stay Happy, Peace Out!!! 💨🙂☮️
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Backyard Wake N Bake With Rasta Bong!!!!!

GOOD MORNING!!!!!! Today I am in a really good mood and I realized that I have not filmed a Wake n Bake smoking video in a while.So I picked up my camera and started to film this wake n bake session for you guys Andy gave me hella lighters so I have a little collection [...]