2 Stoner kids from maine, in love with each other and drugs <3 psychedelics show you the way <3


Alen noticed we had 7 bowls from the daily high club that fit all their piece so far so he snapped them in the rocketship from the november box Watch him go like a champ lol

Smoke sesh/new makeup

Chiv got bew makeup from a brand called hard candy Matte lipgloss with lip liner called emerald city Double ended liquid eye shadow called supernova The lipgloss does leave a bit of staining and the eyeshadow does leave a bunch of

Late night dab sesh

Those stoner kids made a bunch of iso dabs and havent smiked that much in the past week so we are fuuuuuuucked chiv here with a thing remember to be kindto others, people may not always remember the thibgs youve said but they will remember the feeling you gave them also so sorry i ended [...]

Couples mukbang: pizza hut haul attenpt

Alen and Chiv try to eat a lot of pizza hut. Unfortunately we could t get high enough lol Good news our original instagram is not shadowbanned anymore. We have both accounts up and running sp catch us on there ♡♡ Follow up. Cousin ended up bringing the stuff we had wanted to buy from [...]