The Nerdy Stoner

Hi! I'm the Nerdy Stoner. If you like video games, comics, and nerdy things in general this may just be the place for you. Keep an eye out for game play, reviews, skits. I'm going to be doing so much for this channel! . . . . IG: Twitter: Livestreams:

Livesesh Highlights Test Intro

Well hello stoners!It’s been a long fucking time. I’ll do a little sesh video talking about why I’ve been absent. BUT I’m doing a new show!Essentially I film a intro before I livestream then I save said livestream put my live intro in front of it cut out the boring bits and post it here!If [...]

Dabs In The Storm Drain -Turbo Dismount – 2

Did a delicious dab. Now it’s time to cause chaos! Hope you guys are liking this. This is the last episode with horrible audio because of mic problems. Also, feel free to like, comment, and subscribe And Links… Twitter – Instagram –