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90s Themed Cannabis Social – Portland OR

Join Tokeativity in Portland, OR at their women’s only social that is 90’s themed! We meshed ,had a kickback to old school hip-hop and pop. Made new friends over building friendship bracelets and much more! If your a stoner chick in Portland check out @tokeativity on Instagram for more club details !

Smoking Topshelf – Mt.Hood Oregon

After a long day of skiing a joint is a necessity and @bforcefarms does not disappoint! I smoking on some Yote Cookies which is a cross between Cookie Kush and Peyote Purple. I love hunting for new and exotic strains that aren’t always heard of the market. Do you live in Oregon? Lets Smoke!

High Noon Cultivation Cannabis Farm

Follow me to High Noon Cultivation located right outside Portland,OR for a magical farm tour! @High_noon_cult is a family owned farm that produces mouth watering top shelf cannabis and prides themselves on using all-organic practices to grow their plants. The love and attention they give their plants shows in their superior finished product. Ask for [...]

Witchy Woman Tokeativity Social-PDX

Tokeativity is hosting their 2nd Witchy Woman cannabis social and you should come! The cannabis community is filled with amazing consumers ready to be educated about cannabis. Tokeativity is a woman only community based in Portland,OR that hosts empowering and educational events sponsored by some of the best cannabis products on the legal market! Ladies [...]

Pumpkin Bong Art Show- NW Cannabis Club

Join The Lifted Lens at the NW Cannabis Club in Portland,OR .This Halloweed the club hosted a glass blowing competition for “Best Glass Pumpkin” featuring local glass artist from around the PNW. Every glass pumpkin was unique to the artist style and came out amazing! See for yourself ! Follow @theliftedlensofficial on instagram for more [...]

Sunset Sesh- Portland,OR

Join The Lifted Lens as we smoke O.G. Genetics live resin up on the beautiful skyline ridge of Portland,OR! Smoking and exploring is an essential part of life when you live in the PNW. Follow @theliftedlensofficial for a look inside legal cannabis on the West Coast!