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Concentrates & Dab Guide 101 – TheHiCulture

The ultimate guide on dabbing and getting the most from your cannabis oils, concentrates, and extracts. Everything from types of concentrates, to the material of your nail and dabber. If you enjoy the guide please let me know. I plan on making an updated dabbing guide as techniques change.I’ll be making a much more in-depth, [...]

High Five Vape E-Nail – Official Review – TheHiCulture

HighFiveVape has been supplying e-nails to cannabis consumers for years. This video we dive into my official review & honest opinion after owning their staple unit for almost 2 years.Hope you enjoy the review.  Official HighFiveVape Website: https://highfivevape.com/ Heat up time was between 3:30 mins to 5:30 mins depending on the type of nail. TESTED [...]

Spinning Terp Pearls & Concentrates Review

Terp pearls, what they do, and how they are used. These quartz balls are used by dabbers to retain heat longer and spread concentrate around the dish. This results in a denser full flavor hit that may overpower, due to more surface area for concentrates to be vaporized quickly.Hope you enjoy the review.  Let me [...]

Uncle Ike’s – $10 Quarters – Smoking On a Budget Ep.1

Our first stop brings us here for $10 quarters where we review and find out whether buying this budget-friendly herb is worth buying at all.  With legalizing marijuana in full swing, unheard of prices have been popping up in the market. I set out to find the lowest prices and best quality cannabis.  You can [...]

Cannabis From a Different Perspective

Creating Cannabis CultureAs the fight against safe medicine like marijuana comes to an end, society is still hesitant to accept cannabis as the medicine and plan it is, after the past 100 years of prohibition and shaming. NOT SO FUN FACT: California was the first state to include cannabis as a poison in 1905. What [...]