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Talking About Death on Edibles… (Interesting Convo)

Ayo everyone! Welcome back and thank you so much for tuning back in to the constant and ever changing series that is this… series… I really appreciate all of you for watching. This video encompasses an evening with Brandons family and Ryan from GoStoner. After preparing some discussions for the next days meeting we needed […]

Just Watch it

I couldn’t think of a good title for the third episode of Arend Loves You… But the thumbnail sure does work! In this portion of the video I am still figuring out what I want to do. I feel like the next two to three videos you will really start to see the cohesive story […]

We Got Matching Pieces!!!

Ayo you guys!!! So excited because the ever lovely Evil Evelyn didn’t actually have her own bong in Colorado so we decided to get her one! And once I saw that there was a matching rig it was… over. As if I was leaving there without it lol Hope you enjoy this series so far. […]

I’m Broken.

Hi guys. So… It’s been a while since I made content. Not just any content… obviously I make content all the time. But it’s been a while since I made anything that I felt was worth uploading. Now, I’m not saying this video is the perfect example of great content but I am saying that […]

Can I Finish This 8th?!

Ayo everyone! The awesome people over at Hemper sent over their July box and I wanted to test out the glass piece for you guys properly! Check out the unboxing here: Check out Hemper and order here:


It’s just a little sesh ya know? Hope you guys are doing well and enjoy this video! If you want to go to Joyas birthday party the link is on herTwitter: @thejoyyyaride Follow me: Instagram: ArendRichard Snapchat: Arend90 Twitter; @Arendrox Periscope @arendrox

My New Crush…

So… I have a new crush. But don’t worry it’s not even close to attainable. Just thought this was a fun entertaining little sesh video to upload for you guys! Hope you enjoy! FOLLOW ME: Instagram: ArendRichard Snapchat: Arend90 Twitter: @arendrox
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