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Binske Live Resin Review – TheCannaFairy Today I’m reviewing one of Binske’s Live Resin Strains – Fromage! Fromage is French for “Cheese”, and it definitely has a funky, cheesy, floral-y flavor! Binske products are available in Colorado, California, Nevada and is coming to Florida. What should I review/talk about next? Leave a comment and be sure to subscribe to my [...]

Vxape Vista Review! – TheCannaFairy

Happy Stoney Sunday! Here’s a quick overview of the Vista Vape by XVape! It’s one of my favorite ways to dab on the go. I bring it with me when I travel to different states, out of town, wherever! It’s always fun to show off the features to people who don’t know about e-rigs. Thanks [...]

My First WeedTube Video! – TheCannaFairy

Hi everyone! I finally decided to make a WeedTube account! I really wanted to get my name out there in playforms that don’t discriminate against cannabis. This is also a place where I can answer questions about cannabis, hemp, CBD, and more! I’m so nervous and haven’t done anything like this before, so bear with [...]