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Intro to Bong Rips & Credit Tips

In this video I talk about getting your credit report so you can follow on with Bong Rips and Credit Tips- the nerdiest series on The Weedtube! But if you have bad credit you know how much can hinder you from achieving things like renting an apartment, owning a home, buying a car, starting a [...]

Tara’s 2nd Morning Toke & Talk- Ladies Pipe Night, Anxiety and Helping Your Bad Credit Today I am excited to introduce you to Ladies Pipe Night which is kicking off right here in Boston! Stay tuned for more information. If you are a vendor who would like to contribute to the food drive raffle or if you are a venue interested in hosting one of these events, please e-mail [email protected] Link to my shirt in the video (we actually only have this shirt on Amazon right now, unfortunately coupon code can’t be used for this purchase but you can use it for anything at FREE SHIPPING Coupon Code for only shown here on The WeedTube: JANTWT Let me know if you would like to see me do a credit help series, with bong rips and credit tips!

Tara’s 1st Morning Toke and Talk

So I’ve decided I am going to use this as my personal vlog space and upload a video a day to document my year. I’m a week late in starting but better late than never, right? This year I am working at not being such a douche bag and promoting not being a shithead. Join [...]