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Cannabis and Exercise

Hellooooo My Sunflower Budz!!! This is a informational video where ill be explaining the pros and cons of incorporating cannabis into your exercise regimen, also some karaoke and of course a nice chill sesh with you friendly sunflower! Follow Me: Snap: Unicorn_Farts2 Insta: Sunflower_Haze_ TheWeedtube: SunflowerDream Cash App: Sunflower Avery Disclaimer: All cannabis consumed in [...]

420 Food and Fun : Munchie Meal

Hellooooo My Sunflower Budz! Soooooo this video was supposed to be uploaded last week along with tomorrows video but I was experiencing lots of technical issues but here it is!! I hope you enjoy! Follow me: Snap: unicorn_farts2 Insta: sunflower_haze_ Theweedtube: SunFlowerDream Disclaimer: All cannabis consumed in this video is 100% legal and for medical [...]

420 Make Up

Hellooooo My Sunflower Budz!!!!! Today’s video is me trying a new makeup look, i was going to try and find something off of instagram but i decided to just wing it haha, i hope y’all enjoy this video!! And yes i know t cut off early don’t fret! i’m going to be uploading two bonus [...]

The Truth: Disability Services

My Sunflower Budz this video is a bit different than my normal content , just voicing my frustration with dealing with organizations that are supposed to be helpful and assist those with disabilities like myself and how i feel like I’m just running in a circle. Much love and to those out there dealing with [...]

BirdBox Challenge : 420 Edition

Why helloooooo my Sunflower Budz!!!! So I caved to the mainstream media (i thought this would be a fun and silly video y’all would enjoy) and did the bird box challenge of course with a 420 twist ! I was originally going to post this friday evening but ya know life gets in the way [...]

Stoner New Years: 2019 Goals Pt2

Hello My SunFlower 🌻 Budz!!! Here is Part Two to my 2019 goals if you haven’t seen part one what are ya doing?! Haha go watch it! Disclaimer: All cannabis consumed in this video is 100% legal and for medical use only, all music used during this video is from pandora and all artists official [...]

Stoner New Years: 2019 Goals Pt1

Helloooooo My Beautiful Wonderful SunFlower Budz!!! Welcome back everyone! Just a quick heads up my computer cut me off so i have to make part two tonight! So sorry for the abrupt end to this video! I know its been a hot minute since normal content dont worry though we’ve got this video and another [...]

X-Mas Wake n Bake : HAPPY HOLIDAZE

Helllooooo My 🌻 Sunflower Budz! Welcome back! So just a quick update I will be going back to school in Jan so my upload schedule will be a bit more erratic, and I have been on an upload hiatus because of the holidays! Much love enjoy!

420 Life Updates: Spaghetti, And More!

Hi There You Beautiful SunFlower🌻 Budz Weed, karaoke,spaghetti, and more!!! Just some quick life updates and hanging out with your favorite sunflower! Follow Me: Insta: Sunflower_Haze_ Snap: Unicorn_Farts2 Weedtube: SunflowerDream/Avery Disclaimer: All cannabis used in this video is 100% legal and for medical purposes only, All music used is from each Artist’s Official Channels and [...]