Hello, I'm Spookyfag, but most people call me Spooky. I'm 25. I live in Anaheim, California. I have a rad fiance, some kitties and I smoke a lot cannabis and sometimes I'm funny. I host parties in LA, I perform music, and in drag im a monster who does performance art. I'm non binary, and identify as Trans Feminine (They/Them/She/Her is fine) I love Drag, make up and anything queer. Watch my content, You'll see a lot of queer shit, cannabis and cats. If u don't want to that's cool. But like, I totally would if I was bored,i stream on twitch often and that could be fun, or maybe we can play ps4, pc or switch together?! WELCOME TO MY MESS OF A LIFE Send anything you want to : [email protected] Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/spookyf_g

HEY TWT! Mukbang & Sesh with @_chemicals_ (Part 1)

Thank for being in my video Sarah! Part two coming soon! Sarah’s Instagram https://instagram.com/_chemicals_?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=1bksdva2wojf6 Thank you so much for watching, please like, comment, subscribe so you can see all my future uploads as soon as I release them! Thank you to Micah Souza for making me some amazing art for my channel and logo. Check [...]