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Swiss Cheese Perc Ashcatcher

shop here: coupon “420” for discount and free shipping The Swiss cheese percolator separates the smoke as it travels through the body that is equipped multiple holes by creating an upwards vortex for filtration and cooling all before it even reaches the bong for even more filtration. This process provides you with a more enjoyable, [...]

Showerhead to Tree Perc Dual Chamber Bubbler

shop here: coupon” 420″ for discount and free shipping This scientific bubbler is a simple but functional product to the smoker. Each chamber has a unique percolator, the first has a slitted showerhead perc and the second has a multi tree perc with 3 slits on each arm for increased airflow. Both of these percs [...]

Recycling Ashcatcher w/ Matrix Perc

shop here: coupon “420” for discount and free shipping This clear glass 90˚ ashcatcher features a dual matrix perc at the bottom. This perc filters your smoke through vertical and horizontal slits and helps keep your bong clean. Available in your choice of 14mm or 18mm male joint, the 90˚ Ashcatcher with Matrix Perc should [...]

“Ariella”Swiss Egg Bong with Honeycomb Perc

shop here: coupon “420” for discount and free shipping The “Ariella” Swiss Egg Bong with honeycomb perc has all the features you need to optimally enjoy your favorite herbs in style. Created with the latest glass blowing techniques, the Swiss Egg Bong has been designed to deliver nothing less then perfection. As you pull [...]

Matrix Perc Ashcatcher

available here: coupon “420” for discount Specification: 1.Height:4.3inches/11cm 2.Fits Female Joint Bong 3.14mm And 18 mm Joint Size Available 4.45˚ And 90˚ Joint Available 5.Matrix Perc Ashcatcher 6.High Quality Glass

Swan Honeycomb Perc Bong

available here: coupon “420” for discount and free shipping Check out bent neck bong featuring a honeycomb perc with a cute swan decor in the middle. The 9 inches bubbler is convenient to carry about, while the bent neck designed for water spilled prevention. The wide sturdy base prolongs the use longevity, making Swan will [...]

Atom Model Recycler w Showerhead Perc

available here: $53 with free shipping coupon “420” for discount and free shipping “Atom Model” recycler features a showerhead perc at the base chamber, which connects with 3 recycling channels to the upper chamber. This sophisticated designed recycler is so awesome to look at while smoking, and the bent neck design will prevent water [...]