Just a Yogi Stoner making my way through life in Washington 🤸🏻‍♀️🏔😘💨

THE YOGI STONER// A Typical Night

Hey Budz! This is my daily handstand drills. If you could call these drills🤷🏻‍♀️ Smoking weed and dancing around my room half naked is a pretty relaxing way to break a sweat! Make sure to like this video if you enjoyed it and subscribe for more from your local Yogi Stoner💚💨 For more videos including [...]

NEW BONG//the yogi stoner (part I)

Hey buds! Coming at you with a smoke sesh with me and my cousin ig: whererthetacos And today we are trying out my new bong🤩🥰This is a Part I video, later on that night we had a group sesh for a 10GRAMJOINT!!😵(warning: things happen) Check back for part II to see all our goodwill goodies [...]

GET READY WITH ME // the yogi stoner

Sit back, relax and smoke a joint with me while I get ready on a Sunday morning😏👍 Makeup isn’t strong suit and it quickly becomes apparent! LETS WATCH💥🚂 . Music: Bossanova Artist: Ilya Truhanov . MORE VIDEOS COMING SOON!! Check out my Instagram: Yoga.Shawntarae


Today I am doing a haul after visiting my friendly local weed store😆 I review my goodies and smoke one of the Falcanna joints before doing yoga..of course! Hope you all like this video and leave a comment!! Peace and love from the Yogi Stoner✌🏼 Music: I Got A Girl Musician: Philip E Morris

Yogi Stoner

Smoked the last half of a 50.4% Candy Cone by Forbidden Farms. Seriouslyhad to smoke this in sessions😰😵 And as always, stoned yoga is the best yoga! Last lotus pose was a first timer for me🙌🏼 Goes to show going with the flow and being stoned is just want I needed after months of forcing [...]

Introductions from a yoga stoner

Hey there all!! After a couple strawberry fields joints from Hi Guys, I decidedto start filming my first ever Weedtube video! Normally I post videos of my yoga practice and excited to add my beautiful weed in the mix! Til next time?✌???