Hi everyone! My name is Rookie Reefer and I do Kushy Reviews, unboxings and fun high videos (Reefer Madness)

Cannabis Unboxing: BMWO #3

Hey everyone! Surprise another BMWO unboxing is here My order FINALLY arrived I’m so excited to open them all up and try every single one πŸ˜€ come and see what I ordered and what will be happening in future kushy reviews! Dont forget to follow me on my other social media platforms! Twitter: @rookie.reefer Instagram: [...]

Reefer Madness: Madlibs

Hey friends! It’s Saturday which means it’s another episode of Reefer Madness! Today @Dope.Reviewz.with.budz chose a fun mad libs for me to do. The Little Mermaid! Of which is my favourite Disney movie btw. Come have a smoke sesh and watch the magic unfold! Don’t forget to follow me on all the social medias! Twitter: [...]

Kushy Review: Purple Haze Strain

Happy hump day everyone! On today’s Kushy Review I talk about the strain Purple Haze. When I recieved it I was slightly disappointed at the appearance but smoking it was a whole other story! Check it out! Be sure to subscribe and like this video if it fancies you! Also follow me on all this [...]

Reefer Madness: Guess that Movie Title Challenge

It’s another Reefer Madness video! In this video @Dope.Reviewz.with.budz joins me with his movie knowledge and puts me to the test! I am guessing 5 movie titles based on the movie plot. Can you follow along? What did you get at the end? Post it in the comments below!! Twitter: @rookie.reefer Instagram: @skarlettx The Weedtube: [...]

Kushy Review: Hawaiian Punch

Hey friends! It’s Wednesday which means it’s another Kushy Review video :D. Today I’ll be talking about the strain “Hawaiian Punch”. It’s so good guys!!! 😍 Have you tried this strain? What strain should I try next? Write in the comments down below! Stay high friends! R3 πŸ’¨πŸŒΏπŸ Twitter: @reeferrookie Instagram: @skarlettx

Kushy Review: Gods Green Crack

Lol so. I should have posted this video first THEN my unboxing: Clear Lord. But I was SO excited I didnt realize what day it was. So you all get so many videos from me this week. On this Kushy Review I’m talking about Gods Green Crack! It’s a fun name and it’s a good [...]

Unboxing: Clear Lord

Surprise! An unboxing! Today I will be unboxing Clear Lords vape pen (which I found out was disposable) still cool though. Come watch! Stay high friends! R3 PS totally NOT sponsored by them, just bought it and wanted to show you guys and myself how it was πŸ™‚