Hey there! We're Spencer and Lara. Thank you so much for stopping by our WeedTube channel. We're a cannabis couple that's been married since 2012 and started using cannabis regularly in 2016. In short: this plant has been a life-changer. Cannabis, both THC and CBD, has not only helped us find relief for some of our health issues like depression, anxiety, and joint pain from sports injuries. But it's also helped us see the world from a more honest perspective, and has put us on a path towards peace of mind. This plant has seriously changed our lives and marriage for the better. We're learning how to truly enjoy life to the fullest. We hope you'll join us on the journey. Some quick tidbits about us: we have a dog named Maggie, we love to travel, we eat a lot of cereal, we're obsessed with music, and we REALLY enjoy to making each other laugh. You'll learn more about us as time goes on. We hope to learn more about you too! Don't forget to say hello 🙂

Why do I have a belly button? – Hotbox Q&A 003

When your Instagram family has Qs, you hotbox your car and supply the As. Big shoutout to all the lovely people who sent us questions! Connect with all of them in the description below… [01:07] stoned2getherstay2gether – Have you ever had a successful tolerance break? Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stoned2getherstay2gether/ [01:56] @plantcult – What’s the most embarrassing story [...]

VLOG008 PART 2 – 50,000 Didgeridoos

Hey pals, how’s life? In today’s vlog we finish up a road trip with a sesh in the middle of nowhere, some stoned golf, and trying out some THCA crystalline. “Okay but what any of that have to with 50,000 didgeridoos?” Watch and find out. Also it’s just funny to say. Say it out loud [...]

We Might be Too High for This – Hotbox Q&A 002

So our Instagram family came through and asked us a bunch more questions for this Q&A. Thanks so much for the questions, everyone! Although we may have to limit these to 5 questions in the future lol. In this episode we talk blunts, dream vacations, day jobs, and more. Hope you enjoy and go follow [...]

VLOG007 – Our Landlord Knows…

Been a whole month since our last vlog! Sorry for the absence. We’ll try our best to make these at least bi-weekly from now on 🙂 In this episode, we find out that we haven’t been the most low-key cannabis enthusiasts. Our neighbors may or may not be complaining about us (no proof yet). Now [...]

Our Lil Miracle Joint – Hotbox Q&A 001

Sorry. We’re just 2 dorks doing the best we can 🙂 Got some questions from a couple Insta-friends last week. So we thought we’d answer them here in our new Hotbox Q&A show! ALSO, we wanna shoutout our question-askers! They’re real nice people and they create here on the WeedTube too! See below. Question #1: [...]

VLOG006 – How to Turn Into a Blueberry

Hey friends, Got another baked adventure for you. Today we’re spending some quality time with Blue Dream, Mother Nature, each other, and of course Maggie the Chicken ? Spark up and enjoy the views. Feel free to laugh at the 3 dorks on screen ? With love, Spencer & Lara P.S. Click that SUBSCRIBE button [...]