On Wednesdays...

A couple of millennials smoking weed. What started as a stress reliever, grew into a hobby and a passion! Come join us. You’ll have no regerts.


Atlanta is place I’ve visited quite a few times. For the most part it was a great trip, but our next storytime will explain the chaos that happened the last night!! It’s wild. Guaranteed. Hope you enjoyed this little recap of most of our trip!  Subscribe, it would mean a lot ♥️ Also follow our [...]

High Thoughts!!

This video was super unplanned & unorganized.. as are most of our videos. And it’s not even Wednesday. But that’s okay. We will get our shit together eventually. Until then, enjoy our “high thoughts” ♥ Follow us on insta! Www.instagram.com/onwednesdayswesmokeweed_

Smoking And TAKI mukbang!!

It isn’t actually Wednesday, but we’ve decided to just post every time we get the opportunity instead of putting it off! Austin is lame & had never tried Takis… So we got lit & let him experience one of the greatest munchies snack! Thank you for watching us! Follow us on Instagram: Www.instagram.com/onwednesdayswesmokeweed__ www.instagram.com/onwednesdayswesmokeweed_

Throwback Jams w/ Bong Rips!

2 videos in less than a week? Wow the glow up is real. But in all seriousness, we are so glad to be active on our channel again! We have so much fun with you guys. In this video, we challengeourselves to guess the artist and year of throwback jams – it gets interesting. do [...]


2 months later, we are finally uploading a video! I know I know, slacking of course. We have always used alcohol and salt to clean our pieces, but we were feeling bad & boujee. So here’s our 420 formula review. Enjoy, and remember, on Wednesday’s.. we smoke weed.💨 Follow us on Instagram! www.instagram.com/onwednesdayswesmokeweed_ AMOSC @ [...]

31 hits for Oct 31!

On Halloween, we Smoke weed!! We didn’t dress up unfortunately, so we decided to celebrate with 31 bong hits – while we played a little Smash or Pass! Thank you so much for always watching! Don’t forget to leave a like if you enjoy the video 🍁 Our Instagram: www.instagram.com/onwednesdayswesmokeweed_

Stoner Date Vlog

This is the first video we’ve gotten to upload since Instagram deleted our page !We also had a little bit of a break due to the damage from Hurricane Michael.. But here is a Vlog we previously filmed, where we had a little day date, stoner edition, of course! We really hope you enjoy, and [...]

Bong Hit Compilation

What’s up our weed Wednesday smokers how are y’alldoing this fine Wednesda? This video we put together a compilation of us hittinour bongs we hope you’ll enjoy it and remember on Wednesdasys we smoke weed!!!

How Cannabis Has Helped Me

What’s up our Wednesday smokers today’s video is on how Cannabis has helped me.It’salso about how we should break the bad stigma weed has gotten and help legalize it for everyone so it can help more people like me. But anyways guys enjoy the video and remember ON WEDNESDAYS WE SMOKE WEED!! Also follow our [...]

Bong Collection

It is WEDNESDAY my dudes and on Wednesday’s we smoke weed! This video we’ll be showing off our collection of pieces and we’ll be talking about our pieces that are no longer with us while we take some fat rips! Make sure to follow our socials to enter our giveaway! . . . . . [...]