To this disabled Veteran who struggles with severe PTSD every day, waking up in the morning and seeing the notifications from @theweedtube and the hearts on my IG actually make me feel better and give me a reason to have the best day I can. I was almost one of the 22. Now that I have passion for something again, that is legal, and makes people smile, I get the selfish privilege of sharing 33 years of cannabis enthusiasm as well as trying to hold my own in the big dab / big hit community. This is not why I smoke weed, but this is why I make weed related videos.

Epic Session

Did a reveal that failed so got crazy. Big boy Dabs! Snapping dabs and going back in…. Dry Dab hits through the tube. One epic session with a couple of friends.


Felt silly before taking the morning hit. I apologize for the watermark. I needed something to upconvert in order to load here. Looking for recs on free or low cost video editing software so that I can make better quality vids. Thanks fam!

Garbage to Gold

I took garbage trim, larf, and leftovers from a multi-strain grow to dabable hash rosin. Thanks to @dabs_for_vets_360 for the use of the screens. Thanks to @thepressclub.co for making some awesome tools for making Rosin.