The High Club

The High Club is a lifestyle vlog, reviews and news channel about the cannabis industry based in Puerto Rico. We welcome you to join us in this experience while we learn from each other. Members: Natalia Pacheco/IG @_cannabisdollpr Adrian Danua/IG

Resinate Cleaning Solution review

Hi! High Clubbers! Cannabis Doll here!  Dándole un first impresión del product Resinate Cleaning Solution! Limpia todo tipo de piezas y las desinfecta! Permitiendo que disfrute de sus pieza y mantenga buena salud ! Se las recomiendo al 100%. Le doy un 9 de 10! Danos like y subscribe !!! More updates on IG as [...]

Lifted Ladies Unboxing

Lifted Ladies es una caja que puedes comprar todos los meses sin subscribirse obligatoriamente. Todos los meses nos trae diferentes temas con 8 artículos diferentes. Es una caja súper girly, única y económica! #LiftedLadies Follow on Instagram as @_Cannabisdollpr

Wake n Bake

Morning High Clubbers! Rise and Shine! It’s time to Wake n Bake with us! Nothing like the first blunt and coffee of the day! Always with you Cannabis Doll and! Hope you enjoy our version of an ideal wake and bake. What’s your ideal wake and bake? Please comment down below.

Pipes Pros and Cons

Please subscribe and show The High Club some love! ❤️Join us in this smoking sesh! We‘re talking about the different types of pipes, their pros and cons, likes and dislikes and future content! You can now find Cannanetwork as @DALEFUEGO.PR on IG! Cannabis as @_CANNABISDOLLPR *Comment down below what’s your go to pipe!*

VLOGMAS Beach Day!!!

All I want to do is get high by the beach! Lucky we found a cool spot with a handmade tent out of dry palms and sticks! Short vlog of a chill day! Don’t forget to subscribe. Follow us on IG @_CANNADISDOLLPR @CANNANETWORK

HOTBOX with Cannabis Doll

•This are my ways!!💛• “smoking in the car” serie I’m trying out. 💚💚I’ll be posting story time, smoke with me, lifestyle and more 💚💚(Sorry for my annoying acne bump under my lip. I know. It’s annoying!!) •

Designer pre-rolled cones!!! Worth it?

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