Mota Wellness

Welcome Mota's!! This is The Weedtube channel for Mota Wellness! We started as an idea to bring positive light to cannabis use. Please follow along as we share tips and tools for utilizing cannabis for mental and physical wellness. Thank you for stopping by!! 🙂 Instagram: @MotaWellness @ChapisMotaa @Chapis__Co
MW Started Still

How Mota Wellness Started + Wax Joint

Roll/pack a joint, prep those dabs, welcome back to another video!!! Today I stuffed some crumble in a cone to sit down and talk about how Mota Wellness started. Please don’t mind my hair this started as a longer vlog that got cut down. Ash Tray: The Station Big Ashtray by Myster from LaLa Land [...]
Mota Cleaning Still TN

Cleaning Rigs Two ways with Mota Wellness

Welcome!!!! No one enjoys cleaning but this time with your glass can be a ritual you enjoy. As we mostly smoke concentrates these pieces can get pretty dirty. Enjoy this dramatic cleaning I did using alcohol+ salt for the Dia De Los Muertos piece along with Resonate for the smaller rig. Smoke along because there [...]
Stretching Routine + Workout for Cramps TN

Stretching Routine + Working out with Cramps

Welcome!!! Mota Wellness is taking on our lest favorite time of the month. Aunt flow doesn’t mean you need to be stuck in bed all day!! Here’s a run through some light body movements to help you feel alive again. Please speak to your doctor if you’re experiencing extreme pain. We are tough but it’s [...]