Mia Jane


Pumpkin Bong Hit

Check out the pumpkin bong I made for Halloween. Check out the how-to/ tutorial on my blog as well! Thanks for watching. 😀 http://miajane.co/blog_make-your-own-pumpkin-bong/

Why the Omni Will Be Your Best New Smoking Buddy

The Omni by Elevated Mechanics is a multi-functional tool that aids in your smoking and dabbing sessions. The multi-faceted device has a poker, bowel packer, dabber, grinder for flower, storage space for a small amount of bud or kief, an extra screen, mini lighter, and hemp wick spool all in one nifty handheld gadget. It’s [...]

Giant pizza dabs for 710

Here’s a video of me and my buddy taking a gram and a halfdab shaped like a slice of pizza STRAIGHT to the dome on one the Loopr pizza and pot tours! Happy 710 everyone!!! ?????

Mia Jane’s Glunt Video Review

Here’s my experiential review and how-to of using one of these awesome glass blunt pieces by @gluntofficial ? check them out on @IG and follow me at @ms_mia_jane let me know what you think in the comments!