Hi! Im Matthias, Im 24, and i love to laugh! I have been creating cannabis based videos for the past two years with the goal of spreading positivity through laughter. Ive gone through ups and downs but have never been happier in my life than i am when i am creating these videos. I appreciate every one of you who has supported me knowingly or unknowing, you are all amazing people!

Blue Soldier Art Show at The Pacific Circle ARE YOU RETTI! Blue Soldier put on his first show at The Pacific Circle a few nights ago and man was it a blast. We were worried not many people would show up because of the snow but in the end it was the second biggest show weve ever had! Huge shout out [...]

Mail Time on Mushrooms Ep.1 ITS HEREEEEEE!!!!! The very first episode ever of mail time on mushrooms. Im so excited to really get into this series. I do want to say as this was the first episode we did go light on the mushrooms to get a feel for it. We still had an EPIC time. Im really [...]

Joe P Glass Demo at The Pacific Circle What a fucking night. One of my idols in house, creating an astounding dragon head rig while we all got to watch! I truly hope all of you enjoy seeing this man work his magic. From start to finish I would say he was on the torch for a max of 6 hours [...]

The Cloud V Flash vs The Cloud V Chrome Two different pens from cloud v today. Were reviewing the new Flash wax pen and compairing it to the older Chrome pen. Both of these pens have very different hits for people with different styles of dabbing. The new Flash pen hits incredibly hard and hot. You get MASSIVE clouds and can really [...]

Blunts & Treats – Kitty Kates First Show! Im so proud of Kate for putting on her first show at The Pacific Circle. It went over really well and @beescustomcakes edibles kept everyone floating the whole night! We all learned (or tried to learn) how to roll rose petal blunts and spent the night eating edibles and smoking weed. Couldnt ask [...]

That was the low Setting?!?! – Clout Products Unboxing Im so sorry for the lack of content everyone! With Joe in town I havent had much time to work. Today we have a video though! And its on this epic box @cloutproducts sent us for mail time. Inside was some swag and two pens that im highly impressed with! I hope [...]

3 Gram Hash Rosin Schnoz Bomb – 100 Patron Goal WE FUCKING DID IT!!!! MASSIVE SHOUT OUT TO MY FIRST 100 PATRONS. You all have literally kept me and Kate afloat while going through all the deletions and i cant thank you enough. Please know you have my personal thanks and love <3 So we had to to drop three grams of poopy [...]

Top 10 Dabs of the Week – Monster Dabs

WOOOOOOO!!!! Get ready for the craziest episode of Top 10 Dabs to date! From some epic scenic dabs to some of the biggest dabs weve ever seen here on top 10, this week got crazy! Thank you so much for send in your clips and making this another great week! If you want to submit [...]