Hi! Im Matthias, Im 24, and i love to laugh! I have been creating cannabis based videos for the past two years with the goal of spreading positivity through laughter. Ive gone through ups and downs but have never been happier in my life than i am when i am creating these videos. I appreciate every one of you who has supported me knowingly or unknowing, you are all amazing people!

Last Mail Time Ever?

Mail Time has been running now for about two years and its not a series i want to see end. I love the art wall more than anything else ive gotten from doing this. So we need your help to keep it from ending!!! SEND DICK PICS, SEND SEX TOYS, SEND MIDS!!!! If you want […]

Whats The Best Portable E-Nail On The Market?

Mini Nail Vs Peli Nail! FIGHT! In all seriousness this is a very close competition and both nails are clearly better in their own sense. Just depends on what your looking for! The mini nail is a great ever day nail or for someone whos just getting into the e nail game while the peli […]


I want to say thank you to everyone who didnt complain when i got deleted and just went with the flow. Yall are awesome! I also want to say a HUGE thank you to @enlightened_glass for putting this epic @chakaglass rig up for such an awesome giveaway. Please be sure to show him some thanks! […]

Cannacation 2018

I couldnt ask to be part of a better canna family <3 All the employees at @cannabend_llc have been working their asses off so the owners rented a house for them to party at for the weekend and it was epic. I mean, hottub in the floor…… doesnt get much better than that! I didnt […]
7 Gram Dab

7 Gram Dab

As promised for @cannabend_llc hitting 7k followers, we dropped a monster 7 gram dab of Albino Glue from our friends over at @funkextracts. The memory card i was using decided to die at the last 30 second but I hope you all enjoy what we did get on camera! Cheers!