Hi! Im Matthias, Im 24, and i love to laugh! I have been creating cannabis based videos for the past two years with the goal of spreading positivity through laughter. Ive gone through ups and downs but have never been happier in my life than i am when i am creating these videos. I appreciate every one of you who has supported me knowingly or unknowing, you are all amazing people!


This has got to be one of my favorite places ive ever been too. Its just so intensely colorful and peaceful, you can easily forget your on this planet. And the mushrooms just added an extra level of vibrance to everything as well as some awesome positive vibes. I think at least three of us […]

Attempting to Smoke 56 Joints in a Day

This video was a disaster, we used three cameras, two of which i have never used before and so the audio and footage captured is all over the place. We ended up getting too hot and baked and slept most of the day. Still an awesome day on the lake! Cheers everyone, hope you enjoy!

Why I Use CBD – Herb Strong

CBD is some great stuff and can be used in a lot of ways. In this video I go over a little about @herbstrong CBD and why I personally use it. Kate and I also got in a nice hike and got to ride the luge down the mountain! Hope you enjoy =)

Partying on Top of The World

Best. Day. Ever. Fast cars, fishing and a party i will never forget. We got the opportunity to eat a sunset dinner on the top of Mt. Bachlor with some of the greatest friend I could ever ask for, enormous thanks to @cannabend_llc for inviting us. We partied hard, drank a lot, smoked more, and […]
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