Hi! Im Matthias, Im 24, and i love to laugh! I have been creating cannabis based videos for the past two years with the goal of spreading positivity through laughter. Ive gone through ups and downs but have never been happier in my life than i am when i am creating these videos. I appreciate every one of you who has supported me knowingly or unknowing, you are all amazing people!
COVER PHOTO – Lightning Puffco Peak Unboxing

Lightning Puffco Peak Unboxing Peakin on the road with the new Lightning Peak! Its got a baby blue / clear base that allows you to see the internals and also the lights! This is a major upgrade if you use your peak outdoors a lot as you can really see the lights without having shade it from the […]

Portland & Primo Vlog

Jam packed pretty much sums up this day. We needed to go see primo to pick up some new Cacks for the $25 tier and to get some warm weather gear for kate. We were supposed to be home around 7pm but it ended up being more like 11pm so we were exhausted. Great vlog […]

Roysco’s Demo at the Pacific Circle

FIRST DEMO AT THE PACIFIC CIRCLE AND IT WAS MY BRO ROY!!!! Couldn’t be more stoked he got the first show and what a show it was. Not a massive ammount of people but sooooo much love and fun. Roy always brings the greatest vibes with him and its never a let down to see […]

How I Got My Instagram Back Damn I stopped posting for a few days and we lost 10 Patrons! TIME TO REBUILD <3 I hope your all having a wonderful day and are ready for more videos! Todays is a quick video going over exactly what I did leading up to getting my original profile back. Theres no real secret, […]

Drinking 3000mg of THC Lean – Puff Sauce

3000 freaking Mgs of THC and i got my Instagram account back! What a freakin day. Lemme start off by saying this was a roller coaster. At times i felt like I was tripping, other times i felt fine. It was a seriously weird high to have that much THC in my body. But it […]

Terpsgiving 2018 Its been a wild year but I couldn’t be more fucking thankful than I am for the friends Ive made over this past year. Especially my Brother @an_unknownterp. Thank you for believing in me. And a huge shout out to the @cannabend__ crew! Its been so much fun getting to know everyone and going […]

THREE GRAM ENAIL DAB – Seventh Patreon Goal 70 MF PATRONS!!!!!!! YOU ALL FUCKING KICK ASS! I love each and every one of you so much I cant even put it into words. So i hope this three gram enail dab of death does some talking for me. Thank you to every single one of you and even those of you watching […]

The Trifecta Dab – Sixth Patreon Goal HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! I hope you all woke up ready for a great day and are thankful for being alive because I sure am! This year has been a interesting one but ive got all of you to be thankful for and im so ready to kill it next year. To my first 60 […]