Live Life Happy

I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend here to share my journey through this crazy thing we call life!!!! Check me out on instagram for my daily journey with pain/mental health and being a parent. You can also follow my blog

Raw, Uncut, Rant (Why I smoke Cannabis)

**Disclaimer**- I only edited the beginning and the end and some transitions other than that where I actually begin the story is unedited because I knew if i re-watched it I wouldn’t have the balls the upload it. So yeah enjoy sorry it gets raw there is crying and yelling but its real life and [...]

***Dabs of Love Pain be Gone Review****

Hey Guys,So I decided to share with you my FAVORITE pain rub this is 300mg of cbd massage oil. This oil made me a believer and the amazing thing is that it is NOT made by some huge corporation, its made by a wonderful beautiful women!!! She works out of her home and puts so [...]

Get to know me!!!!

Lucky you!!! One of the first to watch my own homemade, home edited video. I really hope you enjoy and become a subscriber. I never realized how fufilling it is to make your own art from start to finish!!! All I have to say is if you watch this and enjoy it and you make [...]

Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

Well guys this is just a shot in the dark my first weed tube video let’s do it!! My name is Jen and without cannabis and the cannabis community I wouldnt be here today so thank you and I’m here to share my journey I’m new at videos as I’m a blogger but hell you [...]