Little Cannabliss

Book Review on High

The first book is a book for woman, all about cannabis and how it’s helpful how it can be scared. It literallyisthe best book. Give it a read! Next we have the marijuana cook book and I’m so excited for this because it can make anything from oil to butter to FLOWER?!?Go ahead and comment [...]

Broke blunt

Im broke and can’t get weed for another few hours so I’m rolling up a roach blunt! If you don’t know how after this video .. you will! Don’t throw those roaches away , put them to good smoking use! P.s. I don’t recommend smoking the roach of a roach blunt— not a good taste.

Makeup on High Episode 4!

NEW SUBSCRIPTION!! Yas Oh Yes! $5 more a month than my old ipsy! But wait!!! NO SAMPLES!! All full sized products and a Palette every month!! I’m so excited I take a GB the size of my head! Link in bio (insta) P.s. the video just ends , (camera died) all I did was take [...]


A Higher level of working out! This is a very quick timelapse of a quick yoga session and smoke sesh at the end. No sound; audio hates me today! Like this video if you want more stoner workouts, yoga seshs, or even healthy high meals!