I am a Canadian cannabis product reviewer reviewing products online since 2014. I do 1 - 2 cannabis tours of California a year and a few festival trips. Currently I look at all things cannabis.... vaporizers, edibles, flowers, online dispensaries. If it\'s cannabis related, I\'m interested!!

2018 Karma Cup Training #2

Hi Folks, Check out sweet promo I did for The Karma Cup (Canada’s largest and longest running cannabis competition!) Follow @thekarmacup420 on IG and check out thekarmacup.com for ticket information!!

Chem 91 Diamond Sauce HT/HCE Extract

Hey Everybody!! Got my second serving of diamond sauce from Dr Errl Extracts and it is another winner!! Last time we had the Watermelon, which had HUGE THC crystals, this time around it’s Chem 91, which is derived from Chemdawg ’91, an earthy and skunky hybrid that is a widespread favourite. The crystals in Chem […]

Left Coast Gummy Co – 150mg Edibles!

Hi Folks!! Today we are looking at gummies from Left Coast Gummy Co! Left Coast is a Canadian company based out of BC, Canada’s Cradle of Cannabis. While there are a ton of different gummies the market, Left Coast sets itself apart by using full spectrum cannabis oil instead of distillate. Most gummy makers like […]

Merry Meltaways Extra Strength Gourmet Truffles

Hi Folks!! A while back I got to sample some awesome truffles from Merry Meltawys! They tasted great, and felt great but at 25mg a piece that meant big feller like me needed to three or four to get the job done. Since these taste soooo good that isn’t much of an issue, but it […]

Bella Vita Bath Bombs

Hi Folks!! Got a little something different today…. Bath Bombs!! I received a half dozen of these from Dr. Errl Extracts to try out and they were certainly a good experience! Each of these bath bombs made from all natural vegan ingredients and come in a variety of scents. The only way to really get […]

High Dose Peanut Butter Cups from Sweet Jane Edibles

Hey Everybody!! I had the chance to revisit my favourite cannabis infused peanut butter cups fromSweet Jane Edibles! Sweet Jane has really mastered these and they come in a variety of flavours. Today we are enjoying the regular Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut. First off… these things are big, like Reese Big Cup Big and the […]

Karma Cup 2018 – Coming Soon

Hi Folks! This is a littleIG video I did promoting the Karma Cup that I thought you’d get a kick out of! I am a Guest Judge this year and am super excited! The Karma Cup is Canada’s largest and most prestigious cannabis competition and with full cannabis legalization less than 100 days away for […]

The Weezy – A new take on the one hitter!

Hey everybody!! Today we are taking a look at The Weezy, a sleek new smoking accessorytha is like a modern take on the old one hitter dugout. To put it simply, The Weezy is an aluminum pipe in the shape of a cone that you load with pods called jackpots. Jackpods are to cannabis what […]

Medicated Massage Oil from Dr Errl Extracts

Hi Folks! This is my second time reviewing the medicated massage oil fromDr Errl Extracts and man, what difference reading the instructions makes!! This is a FANTASTIC massage oil that is infused with 75mg of THC. How fantastic? Well,the Fresh Balsam variety took second placeat the 2017 Karma Cup’s topical category! Today we are looking […]

Chocolate Covered Pretzels from Sweet Jane Edibles

Hey Everybody!! Got some chocolate covered pretzels fromSweet Jane Edibles and they are FANTASTIC! I’m a little biased, I’ve never met a chocolate covered pretzel I didn’t like so I am going already feeling pretty positive! Being that they are from Sweet Jane probably has something to do with it too since the duds from […]
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