I am a Canadian cannabis product reviewer reviewing products online since 2014. I do 1 - 2 cannabis tours of California a year and a few festival trips. Currently I look at all things cannabis.... vaporizers, edibles, flowers, online dispensaries. If it\'s cannabis related, I\'m interested!!
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Trim Bag Dry Trimmer

Hi Folks!! Today we are looking at the Trim Bag Dry Trimmer! This is a new accessory that will help you trim up to 2lbs of material at a time…. and in a manner of minutes!! Check out the video and se how it’s done!! While I’d say the results are slightly less than a [...]
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Purrrfect Extractions Tincture

Hi Folks! You ever wish you could infuser anything you want, on the spot?! That’s the idea behind Purrrfect Extractions 1500mg tincture from Dr Errl Extracts (I know… Dr Errl carries EVERYTHING!!) This is a super concentrated tincture, 30ml is 1500mg which equates to about 60mg per eye dropper. You can put it food or [...]
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Cannabis Infused Lotions

Hi Folks, Got something a little different today… we are looking at a few different cannabis lotions. I’m not a real big user of body products other than soap, toothpaste and deodorant so this isn’t really a review so much as going over a few that have come to me highly recommended. Products we are [...]
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Rick’s Bricks Gummy Candies

Hi Folks!! Today we are looking at Rick’s Bricks from Dr Errl Extracts! The little guys are a bit different as they are infused with RSO instead of something like a distillate or an oil. The plus side to that is that you get FANTASTIC full bodied effects but it does come with a bit [...]

Medicated Soap from Dr Errl Extracts

Hi Folks!! These days THC can be found in just about everything; foods & drinks, creams and lotions and now soap!! While you are not neccesarilly going to lather yourself into a stoney stopper, it turns out THC soap has more benefits than the obvious! For this review I went all in…. more than a [...]

The Ditanium Vaporizer

Hey Everybody! Today we are looking at a brand-new desktop vape called The Ditanium. The Ditanium seems simple enough; a convection based vaporizer with a ceramic heating post and single radial dial. On paper the set up seems very close to the Da Buddha and SSV but there are one or two differences that is [...]

The Zeus Arc GT Vaporizer

Today we have a very exciting new vaporizer to look at! It is a custom design from Zeus that was engeneered in Germany and spent two years in development… this is The Arc GT!! Please Note that this is a PRE PRODUCTION unit and there may be some changes upon release. The main thing that [...]

The Magical Butter Machine

Hi Folks!! Today we are looking at a device that I have been longing for since forever – The Magical Butter Machine!! Now, don’t let the name fool you…. this is used for way more than just butter! You can infused all sorts of products from oils, lotions and alcohol based tinctures! For today’s review [...]

Mango Tango Diamond Sauce from 91 Supreme

Hi Folks, Today we are looking at Mango Tango HTFSE and it is something else! If you haven’t heard of 91 Supreme yet, do yourself a favour and get in the know! These cats are all about fire, Fire, FIRE!! This came to me from the good folks at Ganjatarian Edibles and @gym4life2018 91supreme.com