My name is Dallas. Born in the late 1990s. I’ve been getting blazed since I was 14 and here I am all these years later still getting fried outta my mind... the only difference is that now I’m inviting an audience to watch me get fucking high and to cherish these fried moments with me! Trying to find that good balance between the obstacles of life and the herb.🙏🏾♻️ *Legal MD Cannabis Patient* Instagram:

Dallas Does Another Fucking WAKE ‘N BAKE

I’ve been good actually. Stayin high. Gettin high. Same ol’ shit. This video was filmed about a week before Halloween, but I’m just NOW uploading! Oh Jesus Fucking Christ. I need to get back on my shit… and I will so don’t you worry. Will be smokin on some PINK UNICORN to guide me through […]


I was home alone for over a week and I just stayed blazin with Zach, one of my favorite homies to spark with. This was filmed weeks ago but I finally pushed my lazy ass to upload it to THEWEEDTUBE today!!! Stay fried guys and lemme know what you want us to do next! Also, […]

Smoke Sesh After Voting!

I went to go vote a few days ago at the youth center in one of my favorite parks to smoke weed at! I encourage all of you to VOTE so your voice can be heard. Enjoy, guys. SUBSCRIBE. Instagram: MY ONLINE SMOKE SHOP:

Stoner Etiquette Pt. 2

I had to bring Irania back on the channel to not only get super high, but to also talk about more rules that will hopefully bring more peace to the cannabis community! Irania had a nice Raw Cone that we stuffed with Northern Lights, Girl Scout Cookies, and Pink Unicorn. Those were some great strains […]

Canada Just Legalized Weed Today!

So… CANADA JUST FUCKING LEGALIZED RECREATIONAL WEED! October 17, 2018 Although I’m just a silly nilly American, I thought it would be a great idea to still celebrate a historic moment in the cannabis community. For my Canadians, how are you celebrating the offical legalization of cannabis in your country? How would you like to […]

DANK Strain Review: Querkle

My good friend Zach and I get high ‘n medicated in one of my favorite nature spots and we decided to film a strain review video for a hybrid strain named Querkle! Grab a friend or even just chill by yourself and get stoned with us! SUBSCRIBE *will be doing 100 subscriber giveaway*

Eli Aura HIGH AF Music Interview RECAP

A couple weeks ago I filmed a music interview with my manz Elias. He makes dope music. We got super lit in the making of this HIGH AF interview. Enjoy. The interview has three parts that you can find on my weedtube channel! Stay lifted, guys. Stay motivated.❤️🔥 Watch them all here: