My name is Dallas. Born in the late 1990s. I’ve been getting blazed since I was 14 and here I am all these years later still getting fried outta my mind... the only difference is that now I’m inviting an audience to watch me get fucking high and to cherish these fried moments with me! Trying to find that good balance between the obstacles of life and the herb.🙏🏾♻️ *Legal MD Cannabis Patient* Instagram:

“Rick and Morty” Juicebox Rig From My Website InhaleTheWave.Com!

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Reviewing 18% CBD Strain!

Got to sample another hemp strain called AC/DC! It is a CBD-dominant strain that’s about 18% CBD! I just spend time blazing along with you guys as I do a brief review of it! If you want legal hemp buds, go to If you need dank stoner products, visit www.InhaleTheWave.Com!!! Like, Comment, ‘n SUBSCRIBE [...]

Smoking a Super Dank Weed Salad!

Mixing strains is one of my favorite parts about smoking! It’s really nice to blend two or more strains to create a fun and euphoric high! This vid was shot right before finals a couple weeks ago so I also offer some words of encouragement. In this video I will be mixing 24K Gold and [...]

Little Outside Smoke Sesh

Filmed myself getting stoned at the park a few weeks ago. Spent the time talking bout random shit that I hope keeps you mildly entertained. Spark one up for me. Watch. Blaze Along. Subscribe. Interested in new smoke products such as bongs, rigs, pipes, grinders, etc.? Check out Discount code DANK will get you [...]

How Young Is Too Young To Start Smoking Weed?

I know people that have started smoking reefer since middle school or even before. Some at 16. I’ve heard of others that didn’t engage with the ganja until years after high school. How old were you when you first started smoking? Do you consider the age you started smoking weed to be too young or [...]

Stuck: What Do Ya Do When You Green Out?

We’ve all been there. We’ve all been at a high where we wish we could come down from. I try to give some tips in the best way that I can while taking dabs. Watch. Blaze Along. Subscribe. Buy from my smoke shop: To purchase LEGAL Hemp Buds:


Zach and I continue to get high as fuck in this video and just talk. We filmed these vids over a month ago but I’m finally uploading the 2nd part!😭🤟🏾 Comment down below to let us know what you wanna see us do or talk about next! Watch. Blaze Along. SUBSCRIBE. My smokeshop: DISCOUNT [...]