You have to check this out

I am beyond excited to share this with everyone because this is my first official heady piece. This simba is crazy bc the chamber inside is a dab rig. So it’s a dab rig inside of a dab right. That’s too funny. Anyways, cheers everyone to a blessed day!

Half Gram Dingers!!

How’s everyone doing today? I hope you’re all well. My best friend recently moved back from Colorado and I had to take the chance to dab some gold with him. It’s great to have him back. Who’s your guys best friend?

who else loves good scenery?

I finally got to take a vacation with my better half and I never get the chance to take breath taking shots like this. So while I was on vacation I took full advantage of my surroundings and got this glorious shot. If you guys enjoyed this video go on over to my page and [...]

Half Gram Gusher Combo

After a few hours of traveling back home I felt like taking a nap for the rest of the day. So some friends dropped off some goodies for me and I slammed half a gram and then some so I could sleep. Cheers everyone! Be the best you can be even if you’re not feeling [...]

5 grams 1 bowl

I tried putting myself to sleep and it took a little over 5 grams to do it. On the plus side this video was a lot of fun to make. I rarely smoke flower so I felt like this video was a good opportunity to show my love of flower when I do get it. [...]

Resi Caps to help you clean any piece

Today I would like to show you guys the #resicaps to help you with your cleaning needs. I know most of us will use our thumbs, finger, hands, or random objects that can fit your piece so you can clean it. Well I look at that as a problem. I don’t like having crazy chemicals [...]