Ilex C

I am an Oregon based trans dude who just loves smoking weed and making videos. Instagram: Ilex_C Twitter: @IlexFire
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Why Cannabis is SO cheap in Oregon

The price of cannabis in Oregon has plummeted. After doing some research, I was able to get some answers as to why the products are so cheap and how it is affecting the industry. *I am by no means a professional within these topics, the information included in this video is a collection of news […]

Travel Vlog 1- Strange day in Los Angeles.

(Second upload due to technical difficulties) Let me share my L.A. adventure with you! From driving a stranger’s convertible to getting brainwashed/possibly joining the Illuminati?! (LOL) Just a regular vacation in Los Angeles… Part 2: A calmer experience in Palm Springs coming soon!

August Vlog

I am back home for a couple of days before traveling to southern California. I wanted to vlog about the exciting things that have been going on, and show off my new Mad Hatters Glass Co. Pipe!