Green Lives Matter

👋 Hello! And we are Green Lives Matter 🎥 We are here to talk about how cannabis helps us and other patients ➕ We are here to educate patient's about different strains and what there good for, reviewing all marijuana products, how to videos and also we film cannabis events & make entertaining videos

GLM Presents; Hawaiian Breeze .

[Sativa Dominant Hybrid] . Take a Dab and/or put some on your flower bowl or add some to your Jay or Blunt & Enjoy . #710 #DabIt . After Hours Deliveries 🌱 🍯 @dipndabsofficial 🔊 @fkdabbz 🎥 @stoner.siren 📷 @ladytokezz . Please subscribe to our channel and follow us on IG @_greenlivesmatter_

CannaView/Why Green Lives Matter ; DABSTRUKT

@Dabstrukt talks about his life with cannabis, CBD and music. Cannabis helps him with his tourettes, depression and ADD Been in the music industry for about 10 years… Check out his music on SoundCloud – Hope you enjoy the video and please subscribe and follow us on IG @_greenlivesmatter_ This is also apart of [...]

Sip N Dabz; New Years Sesh

To start of the New Year @559sipperz & Sam hosted this event in our town. So many amazing vendors here for us patient’s with their quality meds. Thank you to all, who made this sesh happen. hope you all enjoy till the next event. Please subscribe to our channel & follow us on IG @_greenlivesmatter_

Cali Bear Pizza Sesh

@calibear_559 Sunday night’s pizza sesh & tacos! There’s this local pizzeria who makes asada & Chile Verde pizza!, they opened up there doors for the cannabis community for alittle sunday funday at night, with good vibes and FREE pizza & tacos and of course DABS! . . . Please subscribe to our channel and follow [...]

Wonderland in Fresno

Another toy drive event by @559dabber @1800trapline & @mandifriesmodel A bunch of patients came out to get medicated and to suppprt all these amazing vendors and donated a toy for kids this xmas. Had a good time with the cannafam . . Please subscribe to our channel and follow our main IG @_greenlivesmatter_

Who got fire?; San Francisco Day Trip!

We got invited to sesh in Dolores Park in SF on Sunday! From @whogotfire @dab_doll88 & @v.oil.kano So the ladies of GLM and our good friend had alittle road trip Left at 730am to the city and this is what happened… . . . Please subscribe to our channel and follow our main IG @_greenlivesmatter_

Sips & Dabs Toy Drive Event

I know its alittle long but its worth it 🙂 @559sipperz had a toy drive event also all proceeds go to familes in need & there was some vendors who also donated to familes in need. . . . 40+ vendors So many patients and veterans came out to enjoy the sunday and to get [...]