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Welcome to my channel! Thank you so much Arend for creating this platform with your team! My name is Genesis and I post videos of my gardening and outdoor adventures with ganja and good vibes on the side! I\'m also vegan so watch out for those videos that will have delicious munchies! Remember to stay above the clouds, cheers everyone !! LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE!! SNAPCHAT: khaleesigen
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First blunt sesh *technical difficulties*

Hey guys welcome back to my channel in today’s video I decided to roll my first ever backwoods, i enjoyed getting stoney recording this video but blunts are way to strong for me to smoke on my own and after recording this video i was soo stoned i know my tolerance is lowww lol regardless [...]
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morning lil smoke sesh

Welcome back to my channel thank you for watching! Hope everyone has a good day. I will be uploading moreeee so stay tuned. I know in the video I say my birthday is coming up but it actually passed and I had forgotten to post videos so those are coming very soon. Like, Comment, Subscribe [...]

New piece reveal-quick outside smoke sesh

Welcome back to my channel thank you for watching. Filming more videos next one I upload I will smoke a Joint I was just way to excited about my new bong piece. Hope you all are smoking with me today! Good vibes all the way till next time. *LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE Instagram: naturebylaw snapchat:khaleesigen

Bedtime quick smoke sesh

Its been a while but im slowly returning. Hope you all are smoking with me.This was a random video i wasnt having a good day and finally decided to record totally made me feel better and i will be uploading more. Follow me on my other social media platforms where i am more consistent. Will [...]
Nature walk in Seminole park

Nature walk in Seminole park

Welcome back to my channel! My first adventure vlog going to Seminole,Florida. I think it turned out pretty good. If you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up, leave a comment and SUBSCRIBEEE stay above the clouds ! SNAPCHAT: khaleesigen
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Outside in nature| Re-potting herbs

Welcome to my channel! I’m genesis 🙂 . I’ll be doing my first official video for theweedtube soon this video I’m uploading was already posted on YouTube but I just felt like at least putting up some content so that you can get a feel of what I’ll be posting and if you enjoyed this [...]